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Community Outreach

EEO Programs > Community Outreach

The Office of EEO Programs supports:

a.  National Science Center (NSC) Mobile Discovery Centers.external link (opens in new browser window) The NSC is a partnership between the NSC, Inc. (a non-profit organization) in Augusta, Georgia and the US Army. The National Science Center takes science on the road with its Mobile Discovery Centers (MDC). Housed in 18-wheelers, the mobile centers travel across the country, presenting programs designed to show youth people that studying science and math is fun as well as essential to their future. The complete 50-minute program presented during van visits consists of hands-on, interactive science demonstrations engaging students in the learning process. Up to six sessions can be scheduled each school day. The MDC is currently offered as a FREE Outreach Program provided by the National Science Center and the Army. The Centers serve as a catalyst that excite America's youth about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

b.  eCYBERMISSION external link (opens in new browser window) is a free, web-based science, math, and technology competition for students in grades six through nine. The competition encourages the formation of a team consisting of 3-4 students and one team advisor and challenges them to pick a Mission Challenge that will solve a real problem in their community using science, math and technology. The team will research and conduct experiments to find a solution to the problem. The 2009-2010 competition encourages teams to choose from one of four Mission Challenges:

  • Sports & Recreation
  • 2009-2010 Scenario Challenge
  • Environment
  • Health & Safety

After local and regional competitions are conducted, a competition is held at a national level and winners recognized for their achievements.

c.  March 2 Success external link (opens in new browser window) is a free, no obligation tool that helps anyone improve their knowledge and test scores in the areas of Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science. It provides materials to help improve scores on standardized tests such as SAT, ACT, state exit exams, and ASVAB. Content include course material from middle and high school level lessons, SAT and ACT practice tests, and SAT/ACT preparation game and vocabulary and math flashcards. March 2 Success also has information to help students plan for post-high school options. Anyone, particularly educators and parents, can refer a student to March 2 Success to help maximize their learning potential. Valued at over $800 per student, this free training tool is available to students through the Army’s Planning for Life (PFL) program. The League of United Latin American Citizens, a national Hispanic organization, is a partner organization with PFL.