U.S. Army Medical Department, EEO
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Organization Chart

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Note: The Director, Office of EEO Programs, is a member of the Office of the Surgeon General's Special Staff.

Organization Chart - see text description below. Commander Chief of Staff Deputy Chief of Staff Director Office of EEO Programs EEO Assistant EEO Specialist

Organizational Chart - Text Description

The Surgeon General of the Army is dual-hatted as the Commander of the US Army Medical Command (MEDCOM).

The MEDCOM Chief of Staff comes under the MEDCOM Commander.

The Deputy Chief of Staff comes under the Chief of Staff.

Personal and Special Staff officials (to include the Director of EEO Programs) come under the Deputy Chief of Staff.

The Director of EEO Programs supervises the EEO Assistant and an EEO Specialist. The Director is a member of the Commander’s Special Staff.